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Right-wingers talk about the local lefty blogs

Mary Katherine Ham, of major right-wing website Townhall, wrote:

"I've always felt a little guilty that I'm not better informed about the city council," Ms. Ham wrote. "The folks who do follow and blog that stuff are doing yeoman's work." She also warned that "are in danger of conceding the battleground to lefties, which is dangerous."

"Local blogging communities will become, and are already in some places, really important to electoral politics and local policy," Ham added. "Both are of great importance to conservatives. You don't want local left blogger down the road blogging up the need for a new granola-paved bike path and the need to use your tax dollars to pay for it, and not have your own message to counter him. If there's a vacuum, they will fill it, and the right blogosphere tends to be a bit behind on these kinds of things."

Keep up the good work, lefty bloggers.

Posted on October 9, 2006 in
blogs, GOPWatch.