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Doing oppo? Google now indexes pre-internet news stories

Opposition researchers love the internet - and the smart ones love the Library of Congress historical archive of campaign websites.

But what about news stories from the past? Either ones that appeared online but are now gone -- or news stories that were printed before Al Gore invented the internet?

Once again, Google to the rescue. SearchEngineWatch has the story:

Google has partnered with news organizations including Time, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Guardian and the Washington Post, and aggregators including Factiva, LexisNexis, Thomson Gale and HighBeam Research, to index the full-text of content going back 200 years. ...

"Much like news, we are grouping related articles together from a given time period," said Acharya. "The ranking here, as you may expect from a Google service, is based entirely on relevance," with no precedence given to fee-based vs. free content. The mix of fee vs. free links will also vary depending on your query.

On the left side of search results are links to drill down into content from specific time periods. A blue arrow icon points to a "period of particular interest," when an event occurred or "something special happened," said Acharya.

One of the most interesting features of the new service is how it automatically creates a timeline that shows how an event or topic played out over time. Clicking the "timeline" link reorders results in chronological order; you can then drill down to get content from specific dates simply by browsing. There's also an option to limit search results to a single day via the advanced search page, according to Acharya.

Wow. The oppo boys are going to go crazy on this stuff. Try Google News Archive Search here.

Posted on September 7, 2006 in