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Says one voter, " I will never vote for [that guy] because he has spammed me."

If this isn't the final word on email appending, I don't know what it's going to take. From the New York Times:

“Ugh,” says one patron at Parnell’s bar in Cleveland Heights, where I live. “The Senate race? Please.” And he takes a circumspect sip of his beer. “Somehow I got on Sherrod Brown’s e-mail list. And I’m getting, like, five e-mails a week from him. I’ll tell you what, I will never vote for Sherrod Brown because he has spammed me. He’s a spammer!”

“But,” I say, “what do his e-mails talk about?”

The guy only shrugs. “Hell if I know,” he says. “I delete them the minute they show up in my inbox.”

Remember, if people don't want your email, they don't want your email. Don't send it to them.

Now, it's my understanding that the Sherrod Brown for US Senate campaign has never done email appending - and who knows how this guy got on the list (and why he can't find the unsubscribe link) - but it's a worthwhile lesson regardless.

Build your lists organically. If an endorser offers you a list, decline but ask them to mail their own list on your behalf. Be meaningful, timely, and fresh.

And remember: email is not a voter contact tool. It's for supporters and friends.