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Pirro's website breaks federal law

It's not a well-appreciated bit of the law, but federal law prohibits candidates from soliciting campaign funds after they've withdrawn from a race (except to retire campaign debt.)

Until Wednesday, Jeanine Pirro was running for US Senate against Hillary Clinton. Now, she's running for state attorney general of New York. Unfortunately, her website continued to solicit funds for her federal campaign account until Thursday.

From the Albany Times-Union:

At issue was Pirro's Web site, http://www.jeaninepirro.com. As of 2 p.m., it was still accepting cash for her Senate run, said Green. His campaign provided an automatic e-mail generated by the site sent to a donor -- a Democrat testing the site -- to confirm his 1:42 p.m. contribution.

Candidates who withdraw from federal races may not solicit or accept funds for that race, except to pay off debts.

The Pirro site came down after Green sent his letter, which Green spokesman Corey Johnson saw as an admission of guilt.

"Clearly, they were doing something wrong because they took the Web site down," Johnson said.

Pirro spokeswoman Andrea Tantaros said Pirro had planned to take her Web site down Thursday to retool it for her attorney general run. Pirro will return any contributions made on her site since she announced Wednesday she's not running for Senate, Tantaros said.

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