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"My son is not a pig" - now that's a subject line!

In Colorado, the big fight over Measures C & D is still raging. The measures would reform their TABOR law, which restricts spending and has had a devastating effect on public services.

Once again, state senate majority leader Ken Gordon is proving a master of the personal, compelling, and interesting email broadcast. This week, he sent out an email with the subject line "My son is not a pig."

The pig, of course, has become a symbol of the right-wing forces in the campaign - with anti-tax crusader Jon Caldara marching around the State Capitol with a pig intended to represent wasteful government spending.

Ken Gordon's email:

Carol [Meredith]'s son, Alex, has autism. She confronted Jon Caldara when he brought the pig to the Capitol. The pig was supposed to symbolize misplaced government priorities and waste.

"My son is not a pig," she told him.

There are 8700 disabled children and adults on waiting lists for early intervention and other forms of treatment in Colorado. If Colorado offered early intervention to children like Alex Meredith, many of them would be able to attend typical classes in school. It would save us considerable money in the future and immeasurably improve people's lives. Other states cover this kind of therapy, but we don't in Colorado because we are fools.

Yet another reason to vote for C and D.

Now that's a compelling and personal tale.

Posted on October 21, 2005 in
email strategy.