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Making Killer BlogAds

Over the last year, advertising on blogs has taken off. For political campaigns and advocacy groups, they're a great way to reach directly to a targeted audience that cares about your campaign.

At IndieWire.com, Brian Clark has six great tips for making killer BlogAds. Details over there, but here's the bullet points:

1. Use All Three Elements! You've got a headline, an image, and a block of text...

2. Use HTML in the Text! ...

3. Use Hyperlinks in the Text! ...

4. Use provocative images! ...

5. Less can be more! The sizes that BlogAds give you are the maximums ... Flexibility is one of the beautiful things about the format.

6. Change it up! ... For best results, try changing the creative message every few days (you'll find your click-thru rate goes up again after the change.)

Get the details. Good stuff.

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Posted on October 19, 2005 in
advertising, blogs.