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BlogAds for Fun and Profit

Blog advertising (usually through BlogAds.com) has become a highly effective way to reach directly to the core audience of activists, volunteers, and donors. They're especially effective in reaching out to an activist audience that you don't otherwise have access to.

If, for example, your opponent is hated far and wide by your base constituency - but you can't afford to snailmail the entire universe (and don't have a mailing list for them anyway), a blog ad tied to a contribution page can jumpstart your campaign.

Once in a while around here, we'll post examples of good blog ads for you to check out. Here's the first.

Beating Tom DeLay - Our First TestLampson
We know the big polluters, big drug companies, and DeLay's lobbyist friends will be dumping millions into his campaign -- millions that will be used to attack Nick and distort 30 years of service to the people of Texas. We'll match him with the help of the netroots. We need to fight back now.