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Nuke Retro: the first nationwide liberal blog ad buy

Last month, we told you about the just-launched national liberal blog network. Today, there's news that the first ad buy has been made across the entire network. (There had been some partial buys, but this is the first national one.)

NukeretroWho made the buy? A fun-loving three-eyed lounge lizard straight outta the disco era named Nuke Retro.

OK, he didn't make the buy - but he's the star (er, anti-hero) of the animated video from the Friends of the Earth; now campaigning against the pro-nuclear energy bill from the Bush administration.

Be sure to check out the ad this week on BlueOregon, Left in the West, or the Suburban Guerilla (to name a few places).

Do 'em a favor and click on the ad there. If you just can't be bothered (or the ad is already gone), check out the animation at NukeRetro.com.

The Nuke Retro campaign was orchestrated by Dick Bell - onetime blogmaster for the Kerry campaign - and now the media director for Friends of the Earth.

At the latest count, there are 60 blogs in the network - with a total ticket price of $4020 per week. They generate 8.22 million page views a week - well over a million a day. That's an effective cost per thousand impressions of just 49 cents.

Clickthrus, of course, depend entirely on the effectiveness of your ad, and the appeal of your message to the audience. At BlueOregon, we're seeing a clickthru rate of about 0.1% at the low-end. So, if that's true nationally - and we don't know if it is - that's just 49 cents for each additional person who comes to your site. A bargain for a highly-targeted audience that's highly motivated to volunteer, donate, and spread the word.