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Podcasting Politician: John Edwards

That's right, folks. John Edwards is launching a podcast.

I can hear you now... "I just figured out what a blog is! What the heck is a podcast?"

Declared "the end of radio" by Wired Magazine, a podcast is way of distributing audio content - usually in the form of a personal radio show. As audio recording equipment gets cheaper and easier to use, it's made podcasting possible. Think of it as micro-radio that you download to your PC, iPod, or other digital music player - and you listen whenever you want.

So... key elements: like radio, but asynchronous (not live), portable, and anyone can do it.

To listen, just download the audio file (usually an mp3). You can, of course, get free podcasting software from iPodder.org that makes it even easier and distributes the audio file to you automagically whenever it's published.

(Amy Gahran comments on John Edwards and provides a guide to podcasting for newbies)

Posted on March 21, 2005 in