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JibJab gets triple the traffic of Kerry & Bush combined...

By None:

jibjabBy now, you've undoubtedly seen the "This Land is Your Land" parody cartoon starring John Kerry and George Bush. If you haven't, well, I'll get you added to the funny-distribution list of everyone I know.

Media Metrix is reporting that the site, JibJab.com, picked up three times as much traffic in July as JohnKerry.com and GeorgeWBush.com combined. How much? 10.4 million "unique visitors"* last month alone, making it the #56 most-trafficked site on the net.

Lesson? Be funny. It can pay off in HUGE traffic. I still remember the peapods.

[* 'Unique visitors' is a bit questionable as a metric. Read this most-excellent article on 'how the web works' and especially the section on 'what you can't know'.]