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JibJab gets triple the traffic of Kerry & Bush combined...

jibjabBy now, you've undoubtedly seen the "This Land is Your Land" parody cartoon starring John Kerry and George Bush. If you haven't, well, I'll get you added to the funny-distribution list of everyone I know.

Media Metrix is reporting that the site, JibJab.com, picked up three times as much traffic in July as JohnKerry.com and GeorgeWBush.com combined. How much? 10.4 million "unique visitors"* last month alone, making it the #56 most-trafficked site on the net.

Lesson? Be funny. It can pay off in HUGE traffic. I still remember the peapods.

[* 'Unique visitors' is a bit questionable as a metric. Read this most-excellent article on 'how the web works' and especially the section on 'what you can't know'.]