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General Strike in New York

gop.elephant.deadYou can bet that we perked up here at P&T world HQ, when we spotted the CNN.com headline, "Tech helps protesters get creative". Turns out that some guys in New York City have organized a website, ShutItDownNYC.com, a guide for protestors at the GOP Convention.

Their primary protest activity is calling for a general strike in New York on September 1st. Well, ok, they're calling it a "city-wide sick day"...

Some more anti-convention sites:

We'll also take this opportunity to point you to an oldie-but-goodie here at P&T. "Street Protests Go High Tech" covered the use of an internet-to-pager system that helped Portland protestors outfox police:

It's been a little odd, watching the protestors downtown outfox and outwit the Portland Police. It seems like they're always one step ahead, crowds of thousands turning on a dime when the cops confront the leading edge -- how can the back of the crowd know what's happening ahead?

Check it out.