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Internet Strategy for Campaigns: 21st Century Democrats Workshop

Well, I spoke on internet strategy today at the campaign training workshop hosted by the 21st Century Democrats. As promised, here's some links to articles, previous posts, and various websites that provide more info. Welcome to all the new readers of P&T!

Click on "comments" below to post questions and thoughts about today's discussion about internet strategy for campaigns.

All about political email
Email "campaigns" versus single-asks
Voter Files: It's the database, stupid.
GOPTeamLeader.com: The Republicans are coming!

OregonTaxCredit.com: Explaining the $50 political contribution tax credit
OnwardOregon.org: a MoveOn for Oregon
Library of Congress campaign website archive
PolState.com: Political news from all 50 states
Public C&E data: FollowTheMoney.org (states) and FECinfo.com (federal)
NetElection.org: How the Web is Changing Politics (Pew Study)
MeetUp.com: Reconnecting the grassroots
Google News Alerts: The press flack's new best friend

What will happen when a national political machine can fit on a laptop?, Washington Post
Top Five Ways Web Is Reshaping Political Campaigns, Pew Trusts Study
How the Web is changing election campaigns, Christian Science Monitor
Should Howard Dean be a little bit afraid of the Internet?, Slate.com
Howard Dean and his American Dream Team, LA Times
The New Road to the White House, Wired Magazine