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The Republicans are coming! GOPTeamLeader.com

While the true believers debate what the end of the Howard Dean campaign means for Internet organizing, and David Broder writes an almost-comical obituary for the internet - "[Dean's loss] brings into question the whole notion that Internet-based populism is the wave of the future for the Democratic Party" - the Republicans are quietly organizing the largest, most powerful net-based campaign ever.

It's been reported that the Bush campaign has roughly six million email addresses - and is organizing a series of online efforts to motivate their supporters to action, their donors to contribute, and GOP activists and elected officials to turn on their own networks. To see it in action, check out GOPTeamLeader.com - where Republican activists can recruit their friends to the GOP cause and score points for taking action; points that can be converted to cool stuff, invitations to high-dollar events, and other perks.

You heard it here first. The Republicans are coming.

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This item was originally posted at MandateMedia.com on February 19, 2004.

Posted on February 19, 2004 in