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Aug 24, 2012Meanwhile, Romney’s Hunting Voters on Pandora
Aug 23, 2012Will Online Political Targeting Generate a Voter Backlash?
Aug 15, 2012Was That Political Ad Over the Top? New Survey Promises to Answer Straight from Voters' Mouths
Aug 10, 2012Introducing Congressional District Targeting for Google AdWords
Aug 6, 2012Cookie-Based, Voter-File Ad Targeting: From Exotic to Expected in Six Months
May 7, 2012How Campaigns Can Use the Internet to Win in 2012
Apr 24, 2012Obama Camp On Pace to Spend $35 Million on Web Ads
Apr 20, 2012Online Political Spending to Hit $159 Million in 2012
Apr 16, 2012Big Data From Democratic Party Spawns Web Ad Targeting Firm
Apr 11, 2012Study finds YouTube campaign videos more positive than TV ads
Apr 9, 2012Political Consultants Open to Inevitable Digital Future
Feb 28, 2012Leaked documents suggest Facebook to announce new ad options
Feb 17, 2012Twitter Opens Up Self-Serve Ad Platform to 10,000 Small Businesses
Dec 22, 2011Facebook Sponsored Story Ads To Appear In The Web News Feed In 2012
Dec 15, 2011Facebook To Mix Sponsored Stories Ads With Content In The Site-Wide Ticker
Dec 14, 2011Political advertisements go mobile
Oct 24, 2011Facebook’s New Advertising Strategy Is Brilliant and Unexpected
Oct 21, 2011New page post ads are available
Oct 5, 2011Twitter to launch political advertising
Aug 30, 2011Targeted Web ads: The next frontier
Aug 15, 2011Are bigger ads better? Here's some data.
Aug 2, 2011Does Facebook’s ad targeting really work?
Jul 27, 2011Groups Neglect Web in Wisconsin Recall Elections
Jul 20, 2011Online ad spending expected to accelerate this year to $31 billion.
Jun 27, 2011Interest-based targeting now available on Google ads
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