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The Obama Campaign Tries Out a New Cellular Weapon

From TIME:

The Obama campaign fundraising machine has debuted a new text message tool with encouraging results for the President’s bean counters. On Wednesday, the Obama campaign sent out an SMS message to cell phones and smart phones of tens of thousands of previous donors asking them to give more money. “Support Pres Obama in less than a minute,” the message read, “using our new secure system: just reply with the amount you want to give and we’ll charge your saved credit card.” There is nothing new about asking for money via text message, but the technology behind collecting the money was a first for a presidential campaign. All potential donors had to do to give more money was to type a number into their phone. Write “25,” or “10″ and that amount of dollars was immediately drawn from their credit cards into the campaign’s coffers.

Read the rest at TIME.

Posted on April 23, 2012 in
mobile, money.