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Top 4 A/B Testing Myths BUSTED

From Share Progress:

Maybe you’re not so sure about A/B testing, or you have a coworker with some questions about it? We’ve listed four common myths about A/B testing, and what the truth really is for each one.

Myth #1: You and your supporters like exactly the same stuff.

You like the environment. Your 80-year-old supporter Dolores likes the environment. You guys have a lot in common already! So maybe she’s been retired for 20 years, and lives in Fort Meyers, Florida, and subscribe to Birder’s World. And maybe you’re 24, and live in Brooklyn, and get most of your news from Vice’s Snapshot stories. But if you think something’s funny, she’ll definitely think it’s funny too, and then share it with their Facebook friends. You do both like the environment, after all.

Read the rest at Share Progress.

Posted on July 22, 2015 in
email strategy.