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Social Advocacy and Politics: Can Social Media Increase Political Efficacy?

From Social Media Today:

The long presidential campaign season is upon us and the media is filling up with stories about how social media is changing politics. And perhaps because bad news always seems to sell better, many of these stories take a dim view of the impact. They focus on the risks candidates face from getting caught saying bad things on video; how those videos can spread like wildfire through social media. They point out how social media may be trivializing politics. But few of these articles talk about the potential for social media to increase political efficacy. And that is something the media should consider covering.

Poltical Efficacy is the people's belief in their governmentPolitical efficacy occupies a corner of the larger notion of “trust in government.” Efficacy, when it comes to politics, is the degree to which citizens feel that the government is responsive to the will of the people. Research reveals two levels, internal political efficacy and external political efficacy, both of which comprise the whole of political efficacy. External efficacy is the degree to which citizens believe that the government is responsive to the will of the people, at large. Internal efficacy is the belief that the government is responsive to “me,” as an individual citizen.

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Posted on June 22, 2015 in
social media.