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Social Advocacy and Politics: Which Party Rules Twitter?

From Social Media Today:

I knew there was a reason I love Twitter. According to a new study by Quantcast, Twitter users are more likely to be politically active and Democrat. And given what I do for my day job, it makes sense that I have gravitated there.

Quantcast also found that Facebook users are no more likely to a Democrat or Republican. They are no more likely than the norm to be politically active or not. But since almost every American is Facebook, we would not expect Facebook users to deviate from the population proportions.

The study also found that people who use other major social media sites are less likely to be politically active than the norm (reddit, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ & Pinterest). For some of these networks, I would suggest that they skew younger and younger people are less likely to vote (especially those under voting age). And that accounts for the lower political activity levels.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on October 7, 2014 in