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Facebook Content Strategy for Politics & Advocacy

From e.politics:

Unfortunately, you can’t just hop on Facebook and Twitter and expect people to come flooding to read your feed. One common mistake: to treat Facebook and Twitter as just another set of broadcast channels. Of course, you CAN just post your content and sit back to watch the results, but you’re likely to see a more robust response if you actually interact with people when you can.

But going back and forth with people takes time! Which is one reason that campaigns tend to focus on the big venues like Facebook and Twitter and ignore the plethora of smaller networks unless they meet a particular need (for instance, connecting with an ethnic- or interest-based community). Of course, many campaigns will play in spaces like Instagram and Pinterest (each of which has political uses, as you’ll see if you click those links), but they’ll usually be posting content there that they were already planning to put on Facebook (recycling is a virtue!). As in every other area we talk about in this book, each tool has an opportunity cost: spread yourself too thin by building profiles on too many social sites and you won’t use ANY of them well. So in this chapter, we’ll focus on the big players: Facebook and Twitter.

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Posted on May 20, 2014 in
facebook, twitter.