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Using Social Media to Deliver Strategic Communications

From Simon Tam:

It’s common to hear phrases like “think strategically,” “strategic communications,” or “marketing strategy.” Yet, for all of our education and focus on using strategy to deliver key initiatives, one thing is often overlooked: delivery of that information. This seems to be especially the case with social media and how many organizations approach it. In my experience, this problem is accentuated in the world of higher education.

In colleges and universities, there is often a disconnect on how to deliver critical education. Public Affairs, communications, and marketing departments have their priority messages, announcements, and news to deliver but it’s often in a way that isn’t conducive to the medium. After researching the social and digital communications efforts of nearly 300 institutions, I’ve found that most treat social media like any other channel: something to deliver information to the masses in a one-to-many fashion. However, this isn’t exclusive to the world of education: I’ve found it to be the case with corporations, non-profit organizations, artists, and small businesses as well.

Read the rest at Simon Tam.

Posted on March 20, 2014 in
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