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How Political Campaigns and Advocates Can Use Social Media Data

From e.politics:

Another area in which metrics are both available and useful: social media. At a basic level, campaigns should note how many people are following their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, but these two numbers won’t tell you much in isolation (in fact, they’re frequently referred-to as “vanity metrics,” because people try to drive them higher ’cause it looks good). Here are a few analytics that DO matter on social media, which are fortunately usually relatively easy to track:

  • Who’s following you? (Follow up questions: Do you recognize them? Are they in your district? Are they “influencers” you’re trying to reach?)

  • Is your following increasing, decreasing, or holding steady? What’s the trend over time?

  • Are people interacting with your content? On Facebook, are they Liking/Commenting/Sharing? On Twitter, are they retweeting your info or replying to it?

  • Which of your posts are generating activity on Facebook or Twitter? Certain issues? Particular kinds of content, for instance photos/images vs. links to articles?

Read the rest at e.politics.

Posted on January 29, 2014 in
facebook, google+, twitter.