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Technology Bytes: A Facebook Force Multiplier

From Campaigns & Elections:

With 2014 already looming, let’s focus on some practical ways to put digital tools to work—for and against campaigns next cycle.

As anyone who’s actually run a political Facebook Page knows, even a big following doesn’t easily translate into action. Aaron Windeknecht talked extensively in the last issue of C&E about using good visual content to mobilize a Facebook following, and his advice is well worth your time. But most efforts to engage people on Facebook involve giving them something to do within the site itself, usually to share (or “Like”) an image, video or link so that it shows up in front of more Facebook users.

For the time and effort it takes to build a Facebook following, wouldn’t it be better to get something back in the real world? Traditionally, Page administrators might try to get followers to donate, join a volunteer team or sign up to phone bank by posting a link to an action page. Their hope? That enough people will 1) see the link on Facebook, 2) click it and leave Facebook, and 3) take the actual action they land on.

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Posted on January 24, 2014 in