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How Gmail Tabs Affect Your Email Marketing

From Mail Chimp:

More than half a year has passed since Gmail announced the new tabbed inbox. My initial research hinted that open rates took a hit, but at that point I was just looking at a few weeks’ worth of opens. Now that things have settled down, we can look at months’ worth of all kinds of engagement data. To be specific, I pulled 29 billion emails, 4.9 billion opens, 4.2 billion clicks, and 43.5 million unsubscribes to find out how Gmail’s tabs are affecting open rates. (The Ops team wasn’t exactly happy with me for a few weeks there. Apparently, they’re very protective of our backup databases—and the backups of the backups.)

After looking over all the data, my conclusion is that Gmail’s tabbed inbox is working as intended. Open rates are definitely down, but there are reasons to believe Gmail users might be happy with the changes.

Read the rest at Mail Chimp.

Posted on January 6, 2014 in
email strategy.