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Are You Simply Talking the Talk on Digital Engagement?

From Gravina Online Strategies:

Washington Post has this cautionary tale about organizations who prefer to talk — but not walk — when it comes to digital communications.

Though the story is about the recent Virginia Governor’s campaign, the lessons here apply to any business or organization:

As for the GOP, even though GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign made strides — it created a data platform that could be used by all parts of the campaign — it never made digital a real priority. Ultimately, the candidate’s lack of funding — combined with what GOP digital consultants call a more general lack of attention and resources for digital — kept the Republican candidate from closing the gap with McAuliffe.

The campaign’s digital strategist further explained that “the spending on the digital side” was “extreme low.”

We’ve worked in our share of political campaigns, and can attest to the fact that this is a deep and pervasive problem. But it’s not just on the political side.

Small business owners and political candidates alike have read stories about the Obama campaign’s digital prowess and long to “be like Barack” — but without a clear strategy or will to spend the resources necessary to attain that goal.

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