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20 Ways to Repeat Tweets (Without Being Annoying)

From Social Media Today:

Periodically a discussion arises about whether or not to repeat tweets with links to one’s own posts or information. Some people repeat information multiple times daily. Others do so mainly when posting something new. Some people don’t do so very much at all. It varies. Why might you repeat tweets? It’s a way to try and get your message and content shared with more people. Depending on the frequency, though, I think that if you routinely repeat tweets too often, there’s some risk. It’s a fine line. Repeat too often, and do so regularly as part of your overall strategy, and you may eventually be seen as a spammer.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to get exposure for your tweets and message. You can package them differently, stream them verbatim in other platforms, and build awareness by creating your own hashtags and events. Tweeting in some of these additional ways right in Twitter may expand the reach of the tweets without looking like you’re broadcasting too much. It can also increase visibility and engagement in some other applications. Here are some examples.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on December 5, 2013 in