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Why Remarketing Should Be A First Thought – Not An Afterthought

From Search Mojo:

One of the many great technological advances in marketing over the past decade is remarketing – the action of promoting your business specifically to people that have already visited your website. What used to be a hopeful, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?” can now be replaced with “The blender you put in your shopping cart last week (but didn’t buy) is now 20% off!” As a marketer, I enjoy this because I know that the people that have already visited my website are a much more targeted and engaged audience than the average internet user.

Unfortunately, something I have been guilty of in the past is making remarketing an afterthought. I focus so hard on getting the right account structure and choosing the right keywords that I forget all about remarketing. In reality, remarketing should be more of a first thought, not an afterthought, and here are 3 reasons why.

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Posted on December 2, 2013 in