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6 Tips for End-of-Year Nonprofit Fundraising Email Campaigns for Stronger Results

From Miratel:

As we enter the last quarter of 2013 many nonprofit teams are finalizing their end-of-year fundraising plans and, in many cases, already executing them. In a year that has seen mixed nonprofit fundraising results according to Blackbaud with modest increases this is an incredibly important period for nonprofits to raise the funds that will help overall viability through the beginning of 2014 and beyond. Today I am going to provide some tips for email campaigns that can be effective, timely and very cost effective during the end-of-year fundraising push.

  1. Review the Past – The best way to strengthen future email fundraising campaigns is by reviewing the history of your campaigns. Which ones were the most successful and which ones did not measure up? Within the successful campaigns, what were the email interactions including open rates, opened links, clicks, conversions and related metrics? Understanding what has and has not worked in past campaigns will help tailor more effective email strategies.

Read the rest at Miratel.

Posted on December 16, 2013 in
email strategy.