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‘Sign this petition’: How political groups are turning their data testing tools on social media

From The Washington Post:

President Obama's reelection campaign famously sent different e-mails to randomized groups of followers to determine which language would generate the best response. It also, to a lesser extent, helped popularize the idea of Web site testing — diverting a fraction of a site's visitors to an alternate version whose performance can be measured against the standard.

Now we've reached the next evolution of that political strategy: applying those same sorts of tests to social media.

Honing your every tweet this way might seem like overkill. But for an industry where even the thinnest margins can have an outsized impact, gaining an edge on social media is crucial. So it's only natural that strategists' love affair with data would extend to their interactions with online as well as off-line followers.

"Testing is critical, especially for smaller clients," said Serenety Hanley, a former Republican National Committee technology director who now runs a boutique social media consulting firm. "The smaller the client, the more vital it is to maximize their dollars."

Read the rest at The Washington Post.

Posted on October 31, 2013 in
facebook, twitter.