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Paid, Owned, Earned And The Battle For Content

From Newsroom CMO:

The Great Convergence of paid, owned and earned media has generated much hand-wringing within the communication industry. It has set agencies hailing from PR, Advertising and media buying on a collision course, as each discipline endeavors to offer the full gamut of services to its clients.

Content marketing, which has been the hottest topic for this industry for some time now and will continue to be for a while sits neatly at the nexus of this convergence movement. Each communication discipline has a good claim to a piece of the content pie: PR agencies tend to be strong in crafting editorial material aimed at catching the attention of the publics it seeks to engage with. Advertising agencies can produce amazing creative content, mastering the art of storytelling to appeal to our deepest desires, while media buying agencies have long held the key to getting this content in front of these audiences in the best possible form at the best possible time.

These arguments are not new but will continue to rage in the communication industry until the dust settles one way or another. The distinctions have become so blurry they are in fact meaningless at this point. We cling to it because we need to name things, put them in buckets, when in fact it sometimes looks like we try to create a new picture with pieces of an old puzzle.

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Posted on October 21, 2013 in
advertising, facebook.