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Quality content will up your engagement quotient

From Campaigns & Elections:

Here’s a social media scenario that plays out all too often with organizations and campaigns: Two years and thousands of dollars of advertising have finally netted you a Facebook page with 100,000 likes. You stand back to admire your work, congratulate yourself and prepare to make your first post of the day.

You check back a couple hours later to see what kind of reaction you received and you’re met with a measly 70 likes and 13 shares. You’ve got the people. Why aren’t they interacting?

Countless organizations now have to look beyond the so-called “vanity metrics” and try to find ways to truly engage their audience. The number of likes your page gets on Facebook or the number of followers you can boast on Twitter isn’t the right measure of your social networking success. The true test is whether your social media channels can activate and engage your audience. Making it happen, however, isn’t an easy task.

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Posted on September 11, 2013 in
facebook, twitter.