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How To Measure Content Marketing Success

From Social Media Today:

How does one measure if their content marketing efforts are paying off?

There are three major areas one can use to measure content marketing success. These are: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

A. For awareness, there are three indicators which can tell marketers that their content marketing strategies are working.

These indicators are: higher ranking in search engine results pages, steady increase in website’s “first-time visitors”, and an uptick in social metrics including likes, followers, +1s, upvotes and the likes.

In short, content marketers should be on the lookout for these outcomes of awareness: web traffic, social followers and improved search engine rankings.

Awareness is important, Brandpoint argues, because 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine query.

It is important to rank in search engines because three quarters of all searches do not move past the first page of results. As content marketing strategies drive success, websites of a business or organization are more likely to land on the first page of results.

What about social media which is the topic of the third indicator for awareness? Like websites, social media is an excellent content distributor. As an example, the infographic says that over 15 million online consumers say they research using social media before making a purchase and that 68 percent of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews.

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