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Crossed Lines: Email Exposes Perils for Congressional Offices, Campaign Staff, and Advocacy Groups

From Political Law Briefing:

A leaked email written by a senior Congressional aide became fodder for the politics section of the Washington Post last week, painting a picture of secret industry collusion with candidate campaigns on independent expenditures. The aide’s email, reportedly written to several of his boss’s campaign officials, explained that a prominent industry trade association was committed to an independent expenditure in support of the candidate, and wanted to be put in touch with the campaign.

The official reaction from both the trade association and the candidate’s campaign was that the aide was misinformed. According to the association, there was no such offer or commitment, although it had engaged in preliminary discussions about hosting an industry-sponsored PAC fundraiser for the candidate. The campaign explained that the aide “made inaccurate assumptions” about the type of assistance the industry group could provide the campaign, and that no communications took place between the campaign and the association that would constitute coordination in violation of the federal campaign finance laws governing independent expenditures.

Read the rest at Political Law Briefing.

Posted on September 4, 2013 in
email strategy.