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The Best Features of Facebook’s New Insights

From Social Media Today:

Last month, Facebook began rolling out new and improved Insights for pages with robust facts and figures.

Here are the top seven improved features for page managers:

  1. Page Likes

As one of the most basic social media measurement metrics, we are all looking at page likes as one of the baselines of social media success. Facebook’s new insights not only provide a much nicer looking graphic, but ones that can be adjusted for a desired data range, from a week to months. This makes month to month, quarterly and yearly comparisons of data much easier to compile and evaluate. This also makes tracking the success of long-term campaigns more more effective.

Additionally, Facebook marketers will also have a greater idea of where likes are coming from in terms of paid or organic likes as well as net likes, accounting for unlikes and sources likes are coming from, whether mobile, page suggestions or ads. Another plus is that each metric can be isolated and studied in its own graph as well as put on larger graphics with other metrics.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on August 15, 2013 in