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If the Election Was Just on Tumblr, Obama Still Would Have Won

From Social Media Today:

While the 2012 election has been over for more than 6 months, the candidates’ Tumblr blogs remain active. Tumblr as a blogging platform creates something of an online time capsule, and Mitt Romney’s and Barack Obama’s Tumblr blogs fall squarely into this category. Each reflects its respective candidate during the campaign period. While we here at CEM don’t like to get too political, there are some valuable web design and branding lessons to be learned from this match up.

The content of each is designed to cater to the followers of their respective parties, but what’s just as important is each blog’s layout. All political leanings aside, Romney’s Tumblr blog pales in comparison with Obama’s. Let’s talk about why.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on July 26, 2013.