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How Today’s Democratic Political Campaigns are Like Silicon Valley

From e.politics:

You can attribute Silicon Valley’s success to any number of key factors: good universities, the availability of capital and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience are just a start. But without a talented pool of tech workers ready to jump to the next startup, the Googles, Yahoos and Facebooks of the world would never have been able to grow into the business (and cultural) behemoths they now are. One reason that a mobile, talented labor pool exists around San Jose? Creative destruction: the constant churn of new companies, some of which get bought, some of which grow into giants of their own, but most of which fail.

But when startups die, they’re like trees falling to the forest floor, each to decay and release its nutrients back into the soil. In the case of tech companies, the “nutrients” are trained and experienced workers, who then bring their skills to next company they join, and the one after that, and so on. Without that critical mass of available labor — free to move in part because companies so frequently fail — the Valley couldn’t sustain the waves of startups whose inventions have changed our lives.

While talking with National Field’s Aharon Wasserman at the Netroots Nation closing party last Saturday, something suddenly snapped into place: that a similar dynamic has developed on the political Left in this country in the past few years.

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