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What Makes a Great Cover Photo?

From Social Media Today:

Whether you’re handing out business cards, shaking hands, or engaging with potential Fans on Facebook, a first impression means everything. Clients, consumers, even new friends will decide within seconds if they have a good feeling about you and/or your brand, or a bad feeling, and your income depends on the former. So, let’s dive into the tips for creating a stellar first impression on the digital realm with Facebook’s Cover Photo options.

Earlier in 2013, Facebook relaxed its grasp on Cover Photos, allowing business owners to use more text, provide contact information, and even include a call to action. As long as you stay within the 20% Text Rule, you essentially have free reign to let your creative juices flow.

This is remarkable for small business owners who are looking to truly capitalize on their social media efforts. From limiting all text, calls to action, and sales promo on a Cover Photo, Facebook effectively opened the doors to unlimited possibilities. The broader guidelines allow for greater branding, stronger call to action, and creativity overload!

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Posted on June 27, 2013 in