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How to Make the Most of YouTube's New Redesign

From Entrepreneur:

YouTube's One Channel redesign rolls out today, with all channels automatically migrated to the new layout. This update replaces the previous background graphic with a responsive banner image that resizes to fit any screen, allowing brands to keep the same look and feel on all viewing platforms. The new design also gives brands the ability to embed social media links in the banner, build a customized video trailer to encourage new subscribers, and offers more control to steer visitors toward selected videos with new curated content lists.

The One Channel design has been in open beta since March, giving YouTube's one-million-plus partners three months to familiarize themselves with it. "We knew this was coming and redesigned our channel header," says Steve Zimmerman of ThinkGeek, an online retailer of novelty products. "We see YouTube as a key part of our business strategy." According to YouTube, optimized One Channel pages have driven a 20% increase of page views.

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Posted on June 24, 2013.