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The Best Time Of Day To Tweet (To Get The Most RTs)

From Bit Rebels:

Twitter retweets are really quite fascinating once you start studying them. I find them interesting because the science behind them is not always what you’d expect. As you learn more about retweets, you’ll find several twists and turns that don’t seem obvious. I’ve written about this before in an article entitled The Surprising Discovery About Twitter Retweets.

I’m grateful that I didn’t join Facebook until after I had been on Twitter every day for over a year. I didn’t have the perception in my mind about Facebook when I learned how to use Twitter, and I really think that made it easier for me. For example, if one of your friends on Facebook updated their status yesterday, you will probably see it when you log in today, right? On Twitter it’s very different.

Read the rest at Bit Rebels.

Posted on June 14, 2013 in