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Want to Increase Website Conversion? Fix These 5 Problems

From Social Media Today:

Ever been told your website is all flash and no cash? If so, you’re probably sitting on a high-octane brochure website that has little else to offer. Somewhere down the line you forgot to create a coherent site structure or any form of rational organization; site visitors don’t know where to start. What about interoperability and interactivity? Come on, the experience is bad enough on PCs; mobile users don’t stand a chance. Social share buttons? Those are for companies that have content to share. Forget about on-site analytics; you’re not even sure anyone is visiting your site.

If some or all of this is hitting a little too close to mark, you probably need to revamp your website ASAP. Here are five problems you’re gonna have to fix if you really want to increase website conversion.

Lame Layout - If your site’s layout more closely resembles that of a Rorschach image, it may be time for a website redesign. Begin by sitting down and thinking about what it is you actually want users to see and do while on your site. Think user experience, taking a cue from your own likes and dislikes when navigating websites. After all, in today’s digital age, your site is more than just an online storefront; it is the lynchpin of your brand’s online presence. Make sure your its look, feel, and functionality properly reflect your business goals and values. Once you figure all this out, consider implementing a responsive web design (RWD), which provides a seamless user experience over devices of varying size and screen resolution.

Messy Messaging - Like words and music, the integration of messaging and design are critical elements of a well-functioning website.

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Posted on June 10, 2013 in
cool websites.