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YouTube Hits One Billion: How Can You Get More Views?

From Social Media Today:

YouTube has just crossed a major milestone. On Wednesday, the Google-owned giant announced that it now has over one billion unique viewers on its site every month.

That’s one billion with a B - every month.

If you are using YouTube as part of your social media marketing strategy, how can you take advantage of this popularity? How can you get more YouTube viewers, and increase your YouTube views? Wishpond wants you to succeed in your online marketing, so we’ve put together a few answers.

Eight Tips on How to Get More Views on YouTube:

  1. Brand Your YouTube Channel

Be consistent in your branding image when setting up your channel. Make sure your customers can easily identify you, by using the same logo and imagery used on your website, other social media sites, and your brick and mortar business.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on May 10, 2013 in