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Social Media Ads: Should You Be Buying Them?

From Social Media Today:

It depends on your LTV. If you know what that is, stop reading here. If not, stop your campaigns and take a moment to think things through.

It has been possible to do self-serve advertising on Facebook and other social media sites for a good while now. But should you really go ahead and do so, and if yes, how much should your ad spend be? In most cases you pay when a user clicks on your advertisement and hops over to your website. Is buying such ads a waste of money, or a smart spend?

In old media such as with newspaper ad placements, knowing this was difficult and generally a certain budget was allocated to advertising. Perhaps a company would decide to spend $1000/month on placing ads in the local paper and hope for the best, never quite knowing if the investment in ads is making a difference to the bottom line.

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Posted on March 28, 2013 in