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Proof that Social Media Efforts Bring Success to Campaigns

From Votility:

The past ten years have seen a great many changes to our national political landscape. From new technologies, to new communications tools, it has never been easier to become an active participant in the political process. Indeed, the 2008 campaign season was really the first time social media became an active player in the political fray and it has clearly proven its value since then.

Initially, social media was contrived as a platform to bring old friends together and allow new friends to stay in touch. However, it wasn't long before politicians, advocacy groups, and smart businesses discovered the vast power these platforms had. Within a very short time frame all of these began using social media for member engagement purposes that helped drive their objectives past the goal posts.

Among the strongest users of social media, the Barack Obama camp definitely takes the prize as one of the most effective.

Their social media team worked tirelessly to build fan pages and grassroots support on Facebook and build followers within Twitter where they could share information and disseminate it rapidly to their followers who would then act upon it. Indeed, in both 2008 and 2012, it became very obvious that traditional message dissemination via the news, telephone, or even email were dinosaurs in comparison.

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