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Are hashtags a political #wasteoftime?

From Politico:

Here’s an existential question for the modern era: If politicians throw a hashtag and nobody shows up, did they make any noise?

Washington is infatuated with attempts to make various buzzwords trend on Twitter, even though the vast majority of those efforts are #epicfails. In the process, they’ve embarrassed themselves and handed opponents an easy — and often unfair — way to quantify how little the public agrees or supports whatever cause the pol is trying to promote.

“If you’re putting it on your podium and then that conversation peters out or doesn’t happen, then it seems to prove that no one is interested,” said Anthony Rotolo, a professor of online communication at the iSchool at Syracuse University. “You’re shining a very bright light on that.”

Read the rest at Politico.

Posted on April 19, 2013 in