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5 Ways Social Media Can Promote Your Offline Event

From Social Media Today:

Social media has emerged as an excessively powerful means for promoting an event. Starting from generating interest to building engagement with keen attendees and finally increasing attendance, social media can help in achieving all the targets. Here are some very simple yet powerful ways to take full advantage of social media in increasing the buzz around and about your event.

  1. Move ahead with a plan:

Make a planned schedule of promotional activities for social media. It is very important to have a content calendar in place. A deliberate plan of action on how you intend to generate more buzz about the event is essential to the entire promotional plan. Contact your network of influences(including the customers, friends, bloggers, correspondents as well as business partners) and request their help in gaining momentum for the event. Very importantly, use social media to create buzz and not noise, so do not bombard people with requests.

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on April 16, 2013 in
facebook, google+, twitter.