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Politics on Pinterest: Pinning the Future

From Talking Politics:

Among the dream wedding inspiration, bikini bod workouts, and mouthwatering dessert recipes, Pinterest is finding its niche in another realm – politics. As one of the fastest growing social networks, Pinterest has positioned itself to become the “next big thing” in political campaigns. The site, founded in March 2010 and still invitation-only, has captured an interactive audience that drives almost as much traffic as Google and Twitter and more than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. (Cohn 2012) Pinterest is not just another social media application to add to a politician’s bag of tricks, however. It targets a key population – women.

The combination of a boom in users, and the fact that more than two-thirds are women, is why the site has become politically hot. “I don’t think it’s about ‘vote for me,’” says Beth Becker, a digital media consultant, who nonetheless believes campaigns should jump into Pinterest. “It’s a good platform for talking about the stuff that women care about.”

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Posted on April 15, 2013.