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10 questions to ask before you run

From Campaigns & Elections:

So you’ve decided to run for office. But are you truly prepared for everything that comes along with it? Most prospective candidates would probably say yes. Many of their consultants end up wishing that were true.

Too many prospective candidates simply assume their families are ready for the sacrifices and the scrutiny. Too often, they also assume they’re ready for the endless fundraisers and the toll of a lengthy and potentially nasty campaign.

To get a sense of the questions people often fail to ask themselves before deciding to run, C&E quizzed several GCs and media consultants about their experiences with clients who simply weren’t prepared for the campaign spotlight.

We came up with 10 questions that consultants wish their clients had really thought about before deciding to jump into the lion’s den.

Read the rest at Campaigns & Elections.

Posted on April 12, 2013.