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You won—or lost. Now what?

From Campaigns & Elections:

If you are looking ahead to a future election, whether from the vantage point of a recently reelected incumbent, an almost-successful candidate looking for a rematch, or a first time candidate ready to toss your hat in the ring, it’s never too early for some thoughtful planning on using technology to optimize your campaign.

Games Without Frontiers

The first question you’ll ask is “Why?” Why worry about the technology, social media, the online advertising and all of those services with funny names that make Twitter and Tumblr sound normal. Won’t some palm cards, a few buttons, press releases and community events be enough for your local campaign? The answer might be yes—if you could keep it local. But what we saw in 2012 was the outsized influence of money and organizing from outside groups leaving many down-ticket candidates, who didn’t establish their own identity, buried under the weight of “Swift Boat” style attacks on congressional or Senate candidates at the top of the ticket. Thoughtful use of technology and social media can give you the ability to connect with voters without spending the big bucks to compete in an advertising battle that isn’t even your fight.

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Posted on April 4, 2013.