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Optimizely Case Study: “This team has data, not opinions: A/B testing at the Romney Campaign”

From Targeted Victory:

From day one, Mitt Romney’s digital campaign team understood a common truth: the campaign is not a creativity contest – what looks best and what works best for the website is not always the same.

“We tried to be very conscious that this team doesn’t have creative opinions, this team has data,” says Ryan Meerstein, a senior political analyst from Targeted Victory, the agency who ran testing and optimization for the Romney campaign. “It’s hard for the team to argue with a graph that proves what works and what doesn’t.”

The graphs were results from A/B tests – lines that showed how two different versions of a web page performed over time. Rather than have protracted discussions on the design that could work best, the team tested and gathered data to inform every design decision.

The team went for the low hanging fruit first: email sign-ups. They hypothesized how different combinations of graphics, headlines, forms and color impacted a visitor’s decision to sign up for email updates from the campaign.

Read the rest at Targeted Victory.

Posted on February 15, 2013 in
advertising, email strategy.