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Tips for Writing Blog Titles that Earn ReTweets

From Social Media Today:

The latest data is in, and it turns out your titles matter more than you might think. In fact, they might matter more than your content body. HubSpot's social media scientist Dan Zarrella analyzed over 2.7 million blog titles recently and found there's no correlation between clicks and retweets. In fact, over 16% of the links he examined had more retweets than clicks!

It's clear that people don't always read what they tweet, which means that your title has real influence on your SEO from social shares. Now ask yourself, would you retweet something titled "Why You Should Do Inbound Marketing." I didn't think so. It's just not specific, actionable or emphatic enough. We've outlined 7 tips to take your blog titles from okay to fantastic:

Read the rest at Social Media Today.

Posted on December 10, 2012 in