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Why Innovation Matters In Politics And The Public Sector

From Fast Company:

The United States government is the world's largest consumer of technology, spending some $80 billion each year, with much of it wasted on idle servers, systems and websites dedicated to various departments and offices. Since the dot-com era of the early aughts, the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations have made technology-driven innovation a priority in domestic agendas. Politicians and bureaucrats see technology as a giant panacea for inefficient government functions ranging from healthcare and social services to homeland security and national defense.

Innovation and technology drives everything from education to economic growth. It costs more money to run an inefficient agency, and the system not only fails the people its meant to serve, it eventually hurts them. The U.S. must modernize and innovate rapidly and continually to stay ahead of the developing world where progress comes quickly.

We don’t have to look further back than the 2012 presidential election and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy to find opportunities for improvement and change. Consider the following examples:

Read the rest at Fast Company.

Posted on December 14, 2012.